Wanted to try this “forward geometry” thing. I have ridden a few bikes with it and found it good on the DH but hard on getting the front wheel up into a manual especially with big wheels. So i have a old 26″ rear swing arm and the will to give it a try. So i have gone for a twin link system like a Iron horse or Giant. With a a little more progression. Mounted on a Reynolds/ Columbus front end with stainless steel tubes and mounts. Geo is 625mm top tube. 74degree seat angle and 66 degree head angle. 150mm travel front and rear. 44mm had tube for a tapered headset.

Getting the shock mounts square and to the MM was a pain. But lots learnt and looks good. I have obviously been looking at the yeti SB66 as i have gone for the same colour. Paint from Specialist paints.


Parts from my brothers haro and the parts bin. Rides real well.