Hi Have just finished making at 1″ Pacenti fork. I figured no one has really made a fork like this for a while. Pacenti make the crowns in either 1″ or 1″-1/8th so i bough a couple of each. I thought i would build one and see if there is any demand for them.

Lev bikes retro biplane fork.

This crown was modeled after the very rare and highly sought after crown Tom Ritchey designed for Bridgestone many years ago. Kirk Pacenti updated and improved this crown for 21st Century framebuilders.

Pacenti crown 531 blades made by levy bikes

28 x 20 blades (Reynolds 531 fit perfect), 114mm wide, (94mm c-to-c) 74mm of wheel clearance, made for 1.” steer tube.

This on has Reynolds 531 fork blades, Columbus threaded 1″ steered (220mm), Saba canti bosses. Set to 395 mm axle to crown ( Non suspension adjusted). The crown is Silver soldered as the fit was so good and it take less heat. The ends were Sif 101 bronze as were the the canti bosses.