After much work and loads of help for the retro bike forum (DRS,Eric Borsky, j-westy and others) and Alan bond (told me where to get rare parts (how good is that) i finally finished my paint and got all the parts together here is the finished bike:

later 1940’s-early 50’s schwinn DX frame, enamel paint, Lasante badge
Cooks Brothers(copys) cruiser forks from BMX museum
Nikko NOS headset
Ashtabula stem
Renthal bars
Ritchey foam grips NOS
Dia- compe levers
Suntour shifters
Suntour 7 mech (1″) NOS
Suntour vx cyclone mech
Suntour 5speed block NOS
Mafac cantis with ritchey pads
DMR bb converter NEW
Shimano bb NEW
TA cranks
Brooks saddle
Harris seat post NOS with tubing brazed inside for strength
Shimano large flange hubs NOS
DT spokes
Weinmann rims NOS
DMR digger tyres
Jagwire cables
Oddissy pedals NOS

Quote from Alan Bond himself how kindly responded on email :
“That’s great, Pete ! I know how hard it was to get all that stuff together. The bike looks really good and like a good rider as well. Many or most of the frames in use were postwar so don’t worry about that – it’s easier to get the back wheel off too. I like it !” Alan Bond

Pick here is your are interested:
Klunker frame
Klunker red frame
Klunker frame