Right so the frame built. now it’s time to finish it. a few bits of handy kit required:
frame finishing tools

Useful tools include a adjustable reamer (set to 27.2) and a old seat post to check. A motorbike cylinder hone and drill. some rotary wire brushes. some strips of emery cloth, sand ceramic plumber tape. some Dremmel sanding wheels and a bottom bracket tap and a headtube reamer. so time to ream the head tube and bottom bracket:
Bottom bracket ream

Now it time to ream the seat tube until the seat post fits, then I run the cylinder hone down to make sure it wont scratch the new post.

Bottom bracket ream

Seat tube hone

Then check with the old post

Seat post fit

Now for the paint staking hours of sanding and finishing. all signs of flux must be gone. all the joint must be smoothed and sanded. Using the emery cloth like dental floss on the join gets and nice finish:

Fillet brazed frame head tube

hand made steel frame

Paint is on the way, carbon fork ordered and matching alloy mud guards are here.