Right a custom bike needs a custom paint job. Le Sportif has a lovely livery of a light green and pastel pink pallets with white font. So the frame as per the design needs to be Green. or specifically Hex 65BBA3 which has not RAL colour and the nearest Pantone is 3258C. But the bottom line is there is not off the shelf paint that works. I have tried ordering premixed paint for the UK but they were about £60 and now the post wont ship them because of the solvent. Nice.

Inspire airbrush paint for custom bike frames

So I have bought some Green, Blue, and red and will mix it by hand. I am using Inspire air bush paints as the pigment is strong they are easy to paint and cure quickly. I will use a 2k epoxy base to make sure they are well protected on the frame.

Its always good to do a test piece. So I have a test joint that I have white primed and done a single coat of test paint. I use a 3hp compressor with a lightweight tough up paint gun withe a moisture trap running at 60psi. It’s gone on well and looks a tad dry but they sometimes come out lighter when dry.
test paint for bike frame
Nope so this needs a smidge more white in then wetting out read for painting.