Finally i got round to building my on frame for once. I wanted a steel 29er that i could use for racing and trail bashing/ night riding.
Levy bikes hand made steel 29er 853 fillet brazed
So i went for a 69 Head angle and 74.5 Seat angle and short chains stays (hence the seat angle) and squeezed the seat tube to gain a few mm. I managed to get hold of some Reynolds steel 853 except the Columbus top tube (got some road 953 as well thanks to Chas Roberts recent move). The top tube is Columbus and i put a subtle curve in the top tube to give it a forgiving ride.
Levy bikes hand made glow in the dark 29er
I also went for a curved disk brake support at the rear and a matching on on the drive side which i tell myself is for controlling flex but it actually there to look more symmetrical.
Breezer fropout fillet brazed 853
All fillet brazed even the Breezer rear dropouts that are normally TIG welded. Paint is from specialist paints with a blue pearl over white with a little surprise It glows in the dark!!