Right time to get some colour put down, which is my favorite part.  So the frame has been white primed and lights smoothed down. the compressor set to 70psi, the paint wetted out 50/50 with thinners. rooms is warm @ 20+ degrees (3x garden patio eleci heaters going). time to lay down some paint in long strokes. just dusting then filling out with a few passes. the pigment is really strong so you don’t need to put it down thick. 15 mins standing time then one more light pass.


This needs to dry for 8 hours then we can put the decals on. peal the backing off and align carefully in one direction pushing any bubbles out. Rub the covering to make sure a goods bond then peal off carefully making sure no edges lift. then lay down the opposing decal making sure it lines up end to end.

decaled frame read for top coat

so it’s beginning to look like the final item. next will be a 2k top coat and then reaming at tapping the frame.