The colour coat has  dried. The decals are on so its ready to go for a top coat. I like to use a 2K top coat n(u-pol 2:1) as it tough and give a good looking finish.  Wetted out a bit to make sure it goes on okay. needs to be warm so I have the heaters in the room. One light coat then one full top coat with 15 min in between. Heater on for 3 hours then in the airing cupboard for 24 hours.

Gloss coat biek frame

A quick cut on polish then it’s time to take out all the blanker bolts, tap them and ream the BB and headset. The some frame saver inside the frame so it does not corrode. Some nice customer green bolts. A quick photo then time to pack it up to send it to its new home.

fillet brazed cable runs and linersFinal frame